One man's rubbish is another man's treasure




It's time for a major clean-up!

Both at home and at work I'm going through all my stuff.

At home there are two big piles: one with things that are still great and that I'll give away (mostly to a friend who does yard sales) and one with things I'm going to throw away.

Although I might rethink that last option …



Genius Loci


"There are places in the world that feel alive."

All places have their own personalities.

The Romans believed that the spirit of the land - also known as 'genius loci' - protected his own area.
Nowadays some people might dismiss this as mythology.

But have you ever had that strange feeling that you can sense a landscape's atmosphere?


Books coming to life


Have you any idea what books are doing when nobody's watching?

Last week we got an impression of what a night at the bookshop looks like.

This week we're diving even further, right into the inner world of books.

Let's go!




To sleep or not to sleep? That is the question!



Do you want to listen to an original bedtime story?

Or have you ever wondered what books are up to during the night?

Read on to discover both!