The wisdom of a 9 year old


Have you ever heard a 9 year old talking so convincingly about the importance of reading?

No wonder that his little speech was turned into a TEDx Talk!



Four-Fisted Tales


Books about war … some people like to read them, others don't.


But … even though I belong to the latter group, the graphic novel Four-Fisted Tales by Ben Towle approached the subject from such an original angle that it kept me totally hooked from beginning to end!


Atlas of Improbable Places


Especially in coronatimes like these - when travelling is not an easy feat - reading books about special places all around the world really inspires me.

Thanks to Atlas of Improbable Places by Travis Elborough I visited some that were totally unknown to me.

If you want to discover a few of them, just read on! 

One man's rubbish is another man's treasure




It's time for a major clean-up!

Both at home and at work I'm going through all my stuff.

At home there are two big piles: one with things that are still great and that I'll give away (mostly to a friend who does yard sales) and one with things I'm going to throw away.

Although I might rethink that last option …



Genius Loci


"There are places in the world that feel alive."

All places have their own personalities.

The Romans believed that the spirit of the land - also known as 'genius loci' - protected his own area.
Nowadays some people might dismiss this as mythology.

But have you ever had that strange feeling that you can sense a landscape's atmosphere?


Books coming to life


Have you any idea what books are doing when nobody's watching?

Last week we got an impression of what a night at the bookshop looks like.

This week we're diving even further, right into the inner world of books.

Let's go!




To sleep or not to sleep? That is the question!



Do you want to listen to an original bedtime story?

Or have you ever wondered what books are up to during the night?

Read on to discover both!


Book Churches



Book shops and libraries are heaven on earth for book lovers.

If they have an original concept or location, they attract even more visitors.

Did you ever hear of 'book churches'?

Let's discover some of them in Europe and Canada!






Have you ever dreamed of going on a treasure hunt?

But did you believe that this was something you could only experience via books and movies?

Think again!


Latte Art




Whether you like to drink coffee or not,
I bet that this kind of art will be your cup of tea 😄





Infinity Rooms


Have you ever heard of mirrored rooms?

They give you such a feeling of liberty, wonder and infinity!

Time to discover some artists who made them.







Sometimes inspiration lies in small things.

Everyday objects, their shadows and a pen.

That's all Vincent Bal needs to create his imaginative art.

Welcome to the world of Shadowology!






Beach Art



Every Sunday another lesser known artform is presented through this 'Wild Art'-series in which artists venture off the beaten path.

Tomorrow summer begins!

What better way to celebrate this than to introduce you to 'beach art'?


Wild Art


Some artists venture off the beaten path and create 'wild art'.


In this new blog-series you can get to know some of the artforms and artists that inspire me with their originality, beauty, ingenuity, …

Every Sunday I'll introduce you to some new talent(s) 😊



Summertime Sleepers


Have you ever heard of (a)estivation?

In fact it's the opposite of hibernation.
Some animals sleep their way through summer.

Learn all about this interesting phenomenon and some amazing creatures in this blogpost!






Fractals are an amazing phenomenon.
You'll find them everywhere.

Both in nature and in art.


Or in artful nature, like this beautiful picture I captured two years ago on a winter morning 😉




Normally books are full of letters.

Or pictures.

Or both.


But have you ever seen books like these before?



Book Bingo

This is the reason why you didn't hear me the past few weeks.

At the end of February I discovered 'Book Bingo'.
The goal is to read at least 25 SFF-books (in which SFF stands for Science-Fiction & Fantasy) and to fill up your bingo card with different categories.
If you manage to make a row - be it horizontal, vertical or diagonal - you can win a prize.
And if you manage to fill your whole card, you get a 'Reading Champion'-flair.

Although I first thought this probably wasn't my cup of tea, I soon became kind of addicted to it!


Happy Valentine's Day


Are you alone or in a relationship?

It doesn't matter.
This heartwarming romantic comedy musical short film is for all of you!

Happy Valentine's Day 😄


Need a hug?


Today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.

In 2005 British psychologist Cliff Arnall calculated that the third Monday of January was the day on which most people feel down.

They struggle with keeping resolutions, the holidays are still a long way off, it's very dark and usually gloomy outside, for many people it's also the first day of the workweek, ...

Later it turned out that all of this was a PR stunt by a travel agency and that they had recruited an academic to promote their idea and thus give it more credibility.