The wisdom of a 9 year old


Have you ever heard a 9 year old talking so convincingly about the importance of reading?

No wonder that his little speech was turned into a TEDx Talk!




In Belgium every year children's books are put in the limelight during a whole month.
This always takes place in the month of March and is called 'Jeugboekenmaand' (= 'Month of Youth Books').


The Netherlands have a similar event which takes place right now, from 6 till 17 October 2021.
It's called 'Kinderboekenweek' (= 'Week of Children's Books'), even though it takes place during more than one week.


To celebrate this event by putting the spotlight on children and reading, I chose to share a TEDx Talk with you.

In 2018 nine year-old Luke Bakic-Pawlak gave a speech called "The Power and Importance of … READING!".

If only more adults would be this wise and confident 😉



Even though following movie is about little free libraries, the message is totally in line with the above speech:



As Luke Bakic-Pawlak told: "Great readers make great writers. Whilst great writers make great communicators. And great communicators make great persuaders."

That this proves to be the case is also the theme in following overview of quotes from successful people (beware: the subtitles could've used some editing). After all, as the sayings go: "Leaders are readers" and "Knowledge is power". Whether you like the mentioned persons or not, it's undeniable that they acknowledged the importance of reading.





  1. Strange thing about the video on free little libraries, Tau, I have watched it some time ago and it did not particularly appeal to me at that time. And now it suddenly does for some reason. I guess I wasn't in a good place to view it at the time.

    As to that kid's speech: he is going places. Maybe the next generation US president?

    1. Did you know that exactly the same happened to me, Bohse?
      The first time that I saw the video on little free libraries it didn't appeal as much to me as it does now.
      Maybe it got more meaningful after listening to the inspiring speech of Luke?

      My thoughts exactly!
      The first thing that came to mind after I heard Luke for the first time was: "He'll definitely make it in life! I'm so curious to see where he'll stand 10 or 20 years from now!" 😄